Meet Veronicka Thompson

Meet Veronicka Thompson, our fearless Community Director here at WacoWork. Image featured on Veronicka's Instagram.
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You’ve seen her smile, heard her laugh and felt her enthusiastic energy. Veronicka Thompson is a force of nature. She fills the room with her presence and has the ability to make each person who walks through the doors here at WacoWork feel seen, heard, understood and appreciated.

Meet Veronicka Thompson, our fearless Community Director here at WacoWork.
Meet Veronicka Thompson, our fearless Community Director here at WacoWork. Image featured on Veronicka’s Instagram.

In April of 2019, Veronicka joined the WacoWork team as the Community Director. She is responsible for cultivating connection, educating new and potential members about the benefits of co-working and creating programming that brings together the diverse WW community.

I asked Veronicka to to give us some behind the scenes details here at WacoWork. This is what she shared:

What’s the best thing about working at WacoWork?

All of the interesting people I have been able to meet. Everyone is so unique and has their own story. I’ve loved getting to learn more about each person and what has led them to where they are now. 

What upcoming events, programming, initiatives are you currently working on for WacoWork?

I have a few fun things in the works! We are also going to be having a photographer meet-up soon and an event at the end of September called “Fashion in the 254.” I have some incredible panelists lined up, and Dr. Lorynn Divita from Baylor’s Apparel Merchandising program will be moderating the panel. I’m always open to event ideas as well!

In your opinion, what are the top #3 reasons why people should join a co-working space?

1) The Community – working remotely or being an entrepreneur can be lonely, so joining a coworking space is a great way to connect with others that might be in a similar situation.

2) Networking & Collaboration – we have had members meet and bond in an organic way, and it is a joy to watch this happen. 

3) You don’t have to spend time managing an office – with coworking, you can let someone else worry about the space and paying the bills. You have a monthly membership to pay, and this includes so many necessities and some luxuries that you would be paying for out of your own pocket. With coworking, you are paying one bill. Let us take care of the space so you can take care of your business.  

What should I be asking you? (I love asking this question to see what comes up)

Why did you decide to work here? I have always wanted to own my own business. I love the thought of being my own boss, and being able to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs is refreshing. I still haven’t quite landed on the business I want to own, so stay tuned…

Because she is so fun and down to earth, I asked her to put together 10 fun facts about herself, so that you can see why she is just so darn special:

10 Fun Facts About Veronicka

1. I currently have my own flower business called Flower + Ink Designs. You can find me on Instagram @flowerandinkdesigns

2. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day. That’s why my mom chose a “V” name. 

3. My degree is in Apparel Design with a minor in Business.

4. I wanted to be a rapper growing up.

5. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and have a love for land and a slower pace in life.

6. I love animals. My husband and I have 3 rescue cats named Toby, Georgia & Lio. We have also rescued a duck before (Andrew Duck). 

7. I like sales/deals/discounts. You need to know this about me. 

8. My first job after college was making uniforms for NFL/NBA/NHL cheerleaders.

9. I lived in Germany for a brief stint. I was an infant and don’t remember any of it, though. 

10. I’m a total true crime junkie. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated, but I am.

When you see Veronicka at WacoWork, stop and say, “Hello.” Tell her you read this article and that you want to hear her kick a rap freestyle!

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