Alex Wolf



Not many of us are able to find our passion so early in life, but Alex Wolf is one of the lucky few. Alex started taking senior pictures for her friends and classmates her senior year of high school as a way to earn some extra money and quickly found that people really enjoyed her work. She knew the basics of photography and started getting more into it, but it wasn’t until she was taking family photos for her favorite childhood teacher that photography turned into something more.

“I realized how much photos meant to people, how much they can cherish one photograph… that’s when I realized what I’m doing actually matters… I was creating memories for people.”

Alex was able to go to the Art Institute in Dallas for photography and really hone her skills. Her teachers there helped her learn about lighting, editing, and become a better, more well-rounded photographer.

Now Alex photographs portraits of high school and college seniors but mainly weddings.

She enjoys being able to capture the happiest moments for people to look back on and that will stay with them forever.

Alex hopes to expand on that and capture memories for those less fortunate through more humanitarian work. She found her passion for this line of work after a mission trip to Honduras.

“Honduras is where I feel like I was saved… that’s where I go to get motivated again, to get inspired again, to get recharged. That’s where I go to remind myself that my problems are not that big of a deal.”

Alex was able to photograph headshots for children living in an orphanage home in Honduras and ended up starting a project that updates these for the sponsors the children have. Being able to give back, while also doing something she loved opened up another way to get in touch with people.

“I see my photography as showing people, reminding them that everything we deal with is hard, bet there are people in Honduras who don’t have the government helping them; They’re just on their own.”

That work led to another idea – something called “The Wise Project” that centers around seniors. The idea came after wanting to photograph her grandmother for years, to capture her in her happiest moments. She talked to a local nursing home, expecting only a few residents to sign up – much to her surprise over 50 residents signed up to have their photos taken. The experience of being able to spend time with, and get to know those residents affirmed all her ideas about this project.

“You can joke around with them, have fun with them. you can photograph their personality… it was some of the most fun I’ve had; now these families have these photos they can cherish, it’s all about remembering those people, their smiles.”

Though she loves photography and the projects she is working on, Alex admits being a young entrepreneur isn’t always easy. She was lucky to have an older sister who works in finance, and from the beginning of her photography journey she saved money she made to put towards better equipment.

For a young entrepreneur Alex also learned that it’s important to put your pride aside and ask for help when you need it. Everyone has different strengths and it’s important to recognize where yours lie and where could use assistance. 

Coming to WacoWork offers a community of different people with different strengths, that give you exactly that – help, or knowledge about areas that aren’t your forte. It’s the perfect place for someone running their own business who is used to be being alone and relying on only themselves.

Being in a space, especially one that has a photo studio helps Alex to re-learn her skills, make her think outside the box, and offer a space to people she wouldn’t have gotten to use as easily before. She knew also that she wanted to have that community that she had been missing for so long, and was able to not only network, but make friendships with so many new people.

“I get to be connected with people, to have a community with people I would have never been in contact with before.”