Andy Sheehy

Real Estate

Andy Sheehy

From Tech to Real Estate

Beginning his career as an engineer, Andy Sheehy graduated and worked as an engineer for the first part of his career. After finding success in this industry he was able to move on to a passion he and his wife had shared for years—real estate. He credits the ability to make this transition to reading–and the ability to learn about something new and then dive into it.

“Reading … gives you kind of a motivation … it gives you that oomph because you see someone else doing it … it kind of spurs you to action.”

This was not just a random change, Andy had always been interested in real estate, and with the means to finally do it, he researched and began his own real estate company. Through lots of learning, and taking a leap of faith he eventually grew his real estate company—in Waco, Texas. He pointed out that most people do not stay in one industry their whole career and to transition successfully Andy learned the key was to read and learn about that industry first.

Letting People Grow by Stepping Back

Andy prefers a hands-off approach when it comes to his business, realizing that his employees don’t need someone constantly directing them. This trust has led him to create an organized, self-regulating business with employees loyal to him and his company.

“I set up a structure so that I’m not needed for everything to get done…the big buzz word is ‘empower your employees,’ but to really empower them you have to let them make mistakes … and you need to build your system so that it can handle those mistakes.”

By taking a step back he has been able to focus on fine-tuning his business and expanding the opportunities he has. Waco has so many opportunities in his eyes, and he is excited to explore all that the city offers.

Staying Sharp & Living Bold

Originally from Ohio, if Andy had not taken a chance and opted to take a summer off in Colorado rather than working he would have never met his wife and moved to Texas. Not being afraid is a staple part of Andy’s life, which shows through his work and personal life.

He emphasized the importance of not being safe, stretching one’s self in all aspects, and not being afraid to live boldly. Andy noted that he is “90% sure” he would not be living in Texas or doing what he is doing today.

“To not live boldly is to waste your precious time, and I just feel like it’s simple at most. Boldly doesn’t mean reckless, it means … confident strategic-ness, to where you’re willing to take strategic risks and there is a confidence about your way.”

As Andy expressed, taking those little risks in life, we stay stagnant—never changing, and more importantly never growing. By living boldly life gains more meaning, it becomes more enjoyable.

Challenging Perspective

With his business running smoothly, Andy felt a need to step back further–all the way to a new building with his own space. He was looking for a space where he could interact with new people, challenge his views, and grow—he found all of this in WacoWork.

“I wanted to be forced to interact with people that normally I wouldn’t,” Andy said of his goal in a co-working space. “All my friends are guys that think just like I think with no women in our group, no people from different perspectives…I just realized it’s a horrible weakness to go about life with that closed of a mind.”

Realizing that though he loves his friends, they weren’t challenging him in the way he needed to be, he wanted to meet people from different business sectors, faiths, ethnicities and hear their thoughts on the world. WacoWork brought him the new fresh ideas of business men and women starting their own companies in Waco, which in turn spurs his ideas as well.

Andy didn’t come to WacoWork to meet people that he could bring into his business and make business partners out of, but rather to meet people who would teach him new things, and challenge his own ideas.

“I didn’t come to WacoWork to think that I can work with all these people … the real power of it is stretching your mind to see different perspectives.”


Written by: Stephanie Jatnieks