Brady Herbert


Brady Herbert

From a young age, Brady Herbert felt called to serve, to help others, and to get involved in his community. He knew he wanted to become a pastor, but pursued a degree in Human Resource Management before continuing onto seminary. After graduating, Brady was eager to follow his vocation and find a community to serve.

“I felt that was the most holistic way to help people was to address the whole person. You can have physical and emotional health, but if you leave that spiritual component out…well that’s the essence of a person.”

After school Brady stayed in Waco with his wife who was pursuing her master’s degree at the time. He decided to take a job as a pastor at a local church planning to stay only for a couple years. While there, he grew as a pastor and helped the church grow, as well. Brady had a passion for this work, and it showed as he helped grow the church from 200 to 1,600 members in a short period of time. While working with charities, the church, and the congregation, he found Waco and its community growing on him.

A New Calling

Brady’s goal was always to “help others become what God wanted them to be,” and after being a senior pastor for many years, his vocational call changed. Through his time as a pastor Brady was able to work with nonprofits all across the county, where he found the new community he was being called to serve.

“I want to shine light on some areas that are either under-discussed or ignored in our community,” Brady said of his passion. “There are people that feel marginalized and like they don’t belong.”

He realized that God was calling him to help the Waco community in a way in which he could reach more people, affect more lives. Brady served individuals as a pastor, and now was compelled to serve more than just his congregation as he stepped into the community. As a pastor, he was able to work with local charities and learned that it wasn’t about reinventing the wheel, but about partnering with other community members. Knowing this he set out to reach the community members in a different way.

Though it has been a difficult journey riddled with personal stresses and deliberations, Brady knew this was the right choice for him. He believes this decision will help to fulfill not only his calling, but help others, as well.

Helping to Heal

Brady has decided to write in order to reach the masses, penning two books that will focus around being a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Having been through hardships himself, he knew what it was like to feel marginalized.

“I felt pushed to the margins myself [during his transition to becoming a writer], and I want to speak for people who might not be able to articulate that for themselves.”

He also hopes to give people further clarity on why we see such extremes in the world of beauty and pain, why they may have had to go through certain experiences to get where they are now. Brady hopes to give a voice to people in a very redemptive way, describing this as the force behind his writing.

“The one word I would use to describe both books would be the purpose of redemption…not just confronting that pain, but to see some healing as well.”

In the future, Brady dreams of opening a retreat, a safe space where people can come and figure out their calling in life, what they are passionate about, as well as being an advocate for emotional and mental wellness. He is taking a risk in pursuing these dreams, but he is doing so with his faith in God and faith in himself.

Finding the Perfect Space

When he decided to write his books, Brady needed to find a better place than the comforts of his home. After touring Waco Work and seeing people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religious faiths, he knew this is exactly what he was looking for.

As a millennial, he found it too easy to “put in my headphones in and just kind of not relate to those around you.” He needed interaction, to see people building relationships, stumbling upon partnerships all while working together.

Brady found a home in the diverse community with people from all different disciplines coming together to share one space. Being around people with different viewpoints is exactly the environment Brady was searching for.

“That human connection of just working around people that have similar gifts or that similar passion for what they do is important,” Brady said. “That’s challenging in a positive way.”


Written by: Stephanie Jatnieks

Written by: Stephanie Jatnieks