Jason Reynolds


Jason Reynolds

Staying motivated in any aspect, especially in business, is paramount. Being able to work in environment with leaders and entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds is what consultant Jason Reynolds says keep him energized.

Being a Rover

From working in Fortune 500 B2C companies, to mid-size B2B service companies, to the largest churches around the country, Jason Reynolds has truly become a “rover” – offering his marketing and digital transformation competencies when and where they are needed.

“A rover meant that they could play multiple positions, they could be anywhere on the [baseball] field, so because of my marketing and management background I can help fix and develop solutions for several problems of organizations,” Reynolds said of his self-designation.

When he steps into a company Reynolds takes on the role of advisor and coach, assessing organizational gaps, weak spots in culture and process, helps build a strategy to address the issues. By applying his knowledge of solutions, he streamlines ways of operating that go beyond product, marketing, and technology.

“Sometimes the business simply needs an instigator to discover, connect, and validate the smart thinking that the staff has already documented. Then they can realize the full inertia that’s already stored in the organization.”

In the future, however, Reynolds hopes to move from consulting services to helping others with creation of their products as well as building some of his own. With several ideas for new apps, and his knowledge of software development he is prepared to create something new.

The Power on Human Connection

When breaking away as an independent three years ago Reynolds admitted that at first, he didn’t focus on the networking as much as he could have. It took him a while to realize that human connection and interactions are the “most powerful currency” in the business world.

Reynolds wanted to make sure that he wasn’t just using people, or looking at business opportunities in a narrow, self-interested way instead of helping others.

“When you think of those relationships, those connections as ‘how can I serve them first’ then it feels less transactional.”

Throughout his business, that is what he has strived to do- to focus on his small and mid-enterprise clients and on fixing their challenges with the faith that it all works out when you do great work. By creating relationships rather than just business connections Reynolds has been able to not only grow his network, but his consulting practices as well.

Benefits of Co-Working for a Family Man

After working from home for two years, experiencing interruptions that come with having kids in the house Reynolds knew it was time for a change. In addition to the interruptions he was experiencing a lack of motivation, and a lack of real hunger for growth in his business.

The opening of WacoWork downtown was an easy decision for Jason. He toured the facility and signed after a couple days- he knew this would be a space he could grow as an individual and entrepreneur.

“There are two key benefits for a family man or woman,” Jason explained, “the first is you have longer work days because the kids don’t come home from school and interrupt… the second way is creative energy in a co-working space.”

For Jason, the co-working space with people from all different backgrounds and in such diverse business areas “enlivens and awakens your senses.” It provides energy, motivation, and focus to work more effectively and truly enjoy what he does. 


Written by: Stephanie Jatnieks