My 9 Favorite Online Entrepreneurial Resources

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Oh, the wonders of the Internet and social media!

We are more connected than ever before with literally a gazillion different resources available at our fingertips. As an entrepreneur, it’s so important to put yourself in a position to learn, so that you can strategize, create and pivot when needed.

Here are some of my favorite companies for you to check out and add to your own arsenal of entrepreneurial education:

1. The Content Planner (Instagram) 

I am a huge planner nerd and I have purchased The Content Planner two years in a row. CEO, Kat Gaskin, does a fantastic job at using Instagram to showcase this physical planner’s capability. She provides top notch tips + tricks and best practices for building your online presence, specifically on Instagram. 

2. Business Mystic (Instagram)

Aliza Rose, The Business Mystic, offers unconventional business advice for the modern day CEO. For example, you can learn how your birthday holds the secret to your business success. What I love about her feed is that she offers practical advice that you can actually execute as well as the feel good woo woo that makes me sparkle up with light. (I’m a life coach. What can I tell you? I love feel good stuff.)

3. Marie Forleo (YouTube)

If you have a small business and you’re not familiar with Marie Forleo, today is your lucky day. Marie Forleo helps entrepreneurs build a life and a business they love. Every year she opens enrollment for her best-selling program, B-School, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs create a kick ass business. She is funny, insightful and makes you feel like you can do anything. Her book, Everything Is Figureoutable, comes out on September 10, 2019. 

4. Jenna Black (Instagram)

Jenna Black helps entrepreneurs up-level their self-worth and net worth so that they can create the impact, wealth and abundance they desire in their lives and businesses. What I love about Jenna’s messaging is that she really focuses on developing the mindset for success. It’s true that the thoughts you think become the actions you take, which then creates results in your life and business.

5. Melyssa Griffin (Pinterest)

Melyssa Griffin is a master at online courses. She helps creative entrepreneurs monetize their message and grow their company. She is the reason that my business has taken off because she encouraged me to focus on creating a quality experience for my Pinterest followers. 99% of my students, readers and clients find me on Pinterest. Melyssa teaches that Pinterest is more like Google (a search engine) as opposed to Instagram and you can use Pinterest for more than just DIY projects and recipes.

6. Emma Rose Company (Pinterest)

I’ve said it many times before: I am no tech guru. Emma Rose Company provides lots of helpful hacks for refreshing your Squarespace website. She also pins photography tips, mood boards and productivity hacks for the modern day entrepreneur. I’ve learned so much from her Pinterest that I’ve used on my own website

7. Evelyn From the Internets (Instagram)

Here’s the deal: being an entrepreneur is about 80% less glamorous than it sounds. There’s a lot of hard work, sweat equity, tough decisions and rolling up your sleeve to get sh!t done. Evelyn From the Internets always elicits a much needed giggle from me. She is creative, hilarious and I really do feel like one of her Internet cousins. 

8. Laura Belgray (E-mails)

Laura Belgray launched The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo. I signed up for her e-mail list and it’s hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Laura is a master copywriter. Each e-mail entertains you, teaches you and shows you how to create relationships with your customer base through your copy. I live for her e-mails in my inbox, which is a big deal because I, like every other entrepreneur I know, am drowning in so many random e-mails. 

9. WacoWork (Instagram)

WacoWork is my home away from home. As a mamapreneur, it is my safe haven, a place where I can sit down, focus and create. While I’m not there as often as I’d like to be, I keep up with them daily on Instagram. For example, on Wednesdays, Waco Cha serves up some delicious boba tea. Every month, WacoWork member, Jeffery Cannon, hosts a WordPress Meetup. I love my little community and I am so grateful that I can keep up with them on social media.

So what about you? Who are your go-to experts that have changed your business? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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LaTisha Cotto

LaTisha Cotto is a Master Life Coach + WacoWork Resident Cheerleader. She loves Jesus, her beautiful daughter and Adidas Originals. If you see her around WacoWork, feel free to say, “Hi.” For more of her feel good vibe, sign up for her Resource Library HERE.

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